Every paintballer will know that injuries are an unavoidable recreational hazard when you’re out on the range with your paintball air tanks. When you’re hit by a paintball at high speed or close range, it may cause blood vessels to break and cause discoloration, swelling and tenderness – and that means bruises and welts.

Welts and bruises are a normal reaction to bodily injury and can be painful when they occur, but they generally go away on their own in a matter of hours, days or weeks, depending on the severity. To help speed up the healing process, bruises can be treated by applying ice to the affected area to reduce pain and swelling, using natural topical treatments such as Witch Hazel, or keeping the affected area elevated. Welts and bruises that last more than a couple of weeks or are associated with worsening pain and swelling may require medical attention as they may signal an underlying medical condition.

Keep in mind that the best defense against bruises and welts is to wear the most protective paintball clothing while carrying your paintball air tank: that means dressing in tough clothing, padding or layers covering your whole body and keeping your mask and helmet on at all times to avoid neck and facial injuries.

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