Besides choosing the perfect paintball air tank for your marker, one of the more daunting selections you’ll have to make is what you wear when you paintball. Should you go with body armor, or will that good ol’ camo jacket and pants do you justice? Well, it really is up to you and you’re pain tolerance.

Lets start with the pros of each option:

Body armor:

-Extra protection

-Designed specifically for playing the game

-Come in many cool colors and designs

-Constructed from performance materials, meaning that they are designed to keep you cooler and more comfortable when playing

Regular Clothes:

-They are cheaper

-You probably already have them

-If they stain, you can easily replace them

-You can probably move around easier in regular clothing than bulky armor

Cons of each option:

Body armor:


-Depending on the style, it can be pretty bulky running around in full armor

-You can look goofy being the only player on the field in fancy body armor

-Some people think people who wear body armor are weaker players (we don’t discriminate :) )

Regular Clothing:

-Depending on how many layers you go with, it’s not a very thick layer of protection from on-coming paintballs

-You will probably get overheated more in regular clothing if you layer up for protection

-It may be hard to get the paint stains out of your clothing

Regardless of which option you choose, there’s one thing for certain: The only place to get paintball air tanks is Guerrilla Air!

  1. taylor says:

    i would say not having it is much better. you dont get as hot and you just can suck it up it dosnt hurt much

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