As you may already know, woodsball is a different format for paintball gaming. It requires quite adept skills to play out in an open natural woods environment. But you can definitely have a lot of fun playing this format and develop even better skills if you joined a Woodsball League.

If you are at all interested you should take a shot at building a woodsball team and researching different events and leagues. One of the popular leagues is the UWL, the Ultimate Woodsball League, run by Tom Cole. This league in particular is designed for fans of scenario, 10-man teams, and anybody who really loves the sport enough to do it justice. Each year they have events and activities planned in several states.

Another is the Woodsball Tournament League. They combine woodsball with milsim, pump, and speedball. They focus specifically on tactical play without marker or hopper restrictions. The one thing they will limit is ammo. The teams in this league are 7 players, with 1 being the “heavy gunner.”

Do you play scenario or woodsball?

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