The first time I ever actually found myself playing a rousing game of paintball I was clearly over matched in ever aspect of play. I was sluggish and terrible at finding an effective hiding spot. What was worse still was my shot. Sloppy and unsteady I barely hit anything. I was pretty disappointed with my day, though the games themselves were fun I was way under prepared and never managed to last more than a few minutes each round.

For our final round though I truly found my place in the world of paintball games. I may not have been a great shot or a master strategist but unlike many of my fellow paintballers I could take a shot like a champ. Shoot me all you want, it might hurt but I can suffer through it. We ended on an endurance match last one standing won, every person for his or her self. I stood in the center of a field and let the surviving six people playing shoot me until their ammo was dry. Then I unloaded on each just enough to let them know who was boss. In spite of all the welts I was confident that boss was me.

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