With the sport gaining in popularity, it has become reasonably apparent that paintball is not exactly a “clean sport.” No, I’m not talking about the actual paint used in the game, I’m talking about the mess that accumulates on the field after a long day of Balling. Fields are sometimes strewn with batteries, packaging from the paintballs, pods and even plastic water bottles.

Thankfully the things in your paintball hoppers are actually biodegradable. Yes, whether they’re hot pink, bright yellow, or forest green, paintballs are all non-toxic, non-staining and more importantly, biodegradable!

Batteries are not. There is an inordinate amount of batteries used during a game of paintball and we are so involved in the game, we just chuck em & forget to pick them up when the game is through. Here’s one solution; if you can’t use rechargable batteries,you can shove them into your pockets & throw them out later?

Do you have any suggestions on this topic?

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